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DLT-based Smart Legal Contracts
Authored directly in Microsoft Word

The future of law is natively digital

Unlock new opportunities

We provide user-friendly tools to legal and financial professionals, allowing them to unlock new services to their clients and opportunities for the growing private investment market.

We solve the common problems often associated with present-day agreements and contracts, including onboarding, KYC, running issuances and creating legal certainty through contract execution logs and on-chain record keeping.

The Hunit Solution

Transform analogue investment agreements with legally binding smart contracts

Our mission is to eliminate the mountains of paperwork wasted in executing investment agreements, replacing them instead with a solution that can embed self-executing actions directly into the MS Word document where the agreement is written.

Once an agreement has been digitally signed and enters into force, it is securely recorded in a distributed ledger-based network made up of law firms, investors, asset managers and financial services groups.

The SLC Explained

Focus on what matters. Let the agreement complete itself...

Key features include:

  • Pre-plan and pre-permission remedies to breaches, and define key actions with our patent pending Covenant Engine™ to align interests from the outset
  • The self-execution of remedies in the event of a specified type of breach
  • Reducing uncertainty by increasing transparency and providing clarity over the impact of undesired events
  • Relieving the parties of the burden of court-based adjudication for common types of agreement breach
  • Lower execution risk and built-in Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)
  • Connected to the global banking system, automatically making mandated transactions
  • Built-in KYC, KYB, and AML through the use of secure digital IDs
  • Full life cycle management agreements

Author. Issue. Manage.

Written in MS Word, readable by both humans and machines. KYC, compliance and reporting combined with built in settlement and clearing through integration with the global banking system. Autonomously managed, compliance ensured, rapid response, and executing pre-planned remedies in case of breach.

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