Smart structures for digitalized deals

Deliver operational efficiency, reduced risk and new possibilities to private market investments

for legal professionals to incorporate smart contracts and blockchain
in their day-to-day working environment

digitalised investment instruments in markets
with no centralized authority

Write smart contracts that solve problems

Purpose-built environment for legal and financial professionals to create legal contracts that:

  • execute operations
  • automate back-office functions
  • resolve covenant breaches via pre-planned contingencies
  • are readable by humans and machines


Create trust through blockchain

Investment instruments are represented as tokens on Stellar, a trusted global blockchain:

  • ‘tethered’ to smart contracts built using Hunit’s platform
  • leveraging the trust of the public ledger while ensuring compliant investments
  • providing access to a global market of digitally managed peer-to-peer relationships


Add previously unavailable features

Retain advantages of private market investments while opening new horizons:

  • structured investments no longer mean higher operational costs
  • automating reporting, clearing and compliance creates new transparency
  • built-in access to a global decentralized market creates opportunity for liquidity
  • tokenization allows fluid investment management and enables meta-investments based on cohorts of individual deals

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A global investment market
lacks infrastructure
to digitalize and automate

  • Private market ‘alternative investments’ is growing at twice the speed of public markets – expected to reach $14 trillion assets under management by 2023
  • Sub sectors such as Private Credit and Real Asset deals are increasingly in demand by investors, despite the complexity of managing paper-based structured products
  • The majority of firms offering these investments report that they are challenged by the high back office costs required to settle, manage and transparently report upon them

Smart contracts and blockchain-based representation of ownership represent a milestone in the evolution of the legal and financial industries. But while this technology can open new possibilities, adoption is driven by the legal and financial professionals using it to solve problems.

Despite this central role, Hunit is the first to focus on providing law offices and financial service providers with tools purpose-built to the task. Our platform allows legal, compliance and finance professionals to create smart contract based legal instruments easily and on their own.

Learn more about the Hunit platform

Legal and finance professionals
lack the tools
to create smart contracts

Tools for Pros

Give your firm market-leading capabilities

Creating a trusted digitalized legal or investment instrument without a centralized authority is a powerful tool. It solves problems and opens new opportunities for finance and law – but only if you have accurate coding and legal representation on all sides that know how to interpret it.

Hunit’s platform removes barriers to broad use of blockchain-based smart contracts by non-specialists. It allows legal and financial professionals to create fully-functional structures quickly while also making sure that 3rd parties can review them.

Smart contracts and blockchain-based representation are milestone advancements, Hunit provides the tools for professionals to adapt and grow in a changing market.

Read more about the Hunit platform

Integrated Systems

Ecosystem services

Tokens and smart contracts are only as good as the ecosystems they reside in. Are the tokens based on a trusted public resource? Do the smart contracts have a network of integrated services or data connections to call upon?

Hunit’s legal or investment instruments are created on Stellar, a trusted global public blockchain optimized for financial transactions. These are tied to Hyperledger-based smart contracts created in the Sentinel System™, the smart contract engine at the core of the Hunit platform. To enhance the functionality of its smart contracts, Hunit’s platform offers key network resources ready to be incorporated if needed. These include a settlement and clearing platform integrated with the global banking system – giving Sentinel System™ the native ability to transact, clear trades (DVP) and monitor the flow of funds. Additional systems include authenticating investors (KYC), querying external data sources, executing governance and generating automated reporting.

The Hunit platform empowers full-featured smart contract programs straight out of the box – Read more about platform features.

Autonomous investor rights

The Sentinel System™

Digitalized investment instruments must provide robust protections for its participants – issuers and their investors.

Our contribution is the Sentinel System™ – a patent-pending decentralized platform for making, verifying and remedying legal commitments.

Conventionally managed legal rights rely upon the existing judicial system for enforcement. But for its participants, the cost in time, energy and uncertainty of litigation can be substantial.

The Sentinel System™ provides a low-cost, highly effective alternative with the power to autonomously resolve nearly any type of covenant breach. It lowers issuer costs, reduces compliance-related liabilities, filters non-legitimate claims and provides investors with confidence and certainty.

Find out more about the Sentinel System™

Investor Rights Sit at the Core of Our Technology

Entering into a lawsuit is a loss, even if you win

Conventional enforcement of investor rights is inefficient and full of pain points. Court or arbitration is proactive, slow, expensive and yields uncertain outcomes. Cross border agreements add complexity and challenges related to international litigation. These factors impact markets and alter the behavior of both investors and issuers.

Our smart contract environment includes our patent-pending legal rights management system. It allows for specified contractual commitments to be autonomously monitored and, if breached, corrected using pre-planned remedies. It allows investment issuers to create confidence in the quality of their commitments and ensure anticipated outcomes in case of underperformance. For investors, it provides for greater transparency and predictability – cornerstones of trust. For all parties, Hunit’s Sentinel System™ reduces or eliminates the burden of potential litigation for most breaches of key investor commitments.

Learn more about the Sentinel System™


The Global Entrepreneur Programme

The GEP is a UK Trade & Investment programme that seeks to enable technology entrepreneurs from all over the world to globalise their business from a UK strategic hub. It does this by harnessing the insight, networks and experience of its team of internationally successful entrepreneurs, known as Dealmakers, to help identify and accelerate the world’s best early-stage technology businesses.

Microsoft for Startups ScaleUp Accelerator

Hunit is a part of Microsoft for Startups’ London-based ScaleUp Accelerator program.  In addition to amazing offices in Shoreditch, the program offers broad commercial and technical support for early-stage companies that are at the tipping point of becoming a scale-up. It’s an amazing opportunity for Hunit to harden its technology and demonstrate its impact in cooperation with a global technology leader.

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