Hunit - Smart Legal Contracts

Our plan to improve how business is done

Hunit is a no code solution for lawyers to write natively digital legal agreements for the alternative investment sector. Our SaaS tools transform today’s analogue investment agreements into legally binding smart contracts by enabling lawyers to embed self-executing actions directly within MS Word documents.

DLT by and for the practice of law

Once drafted, our platform allows an agreement to be digitally signed and issued to a distributed ledger-based network made up of law firms, investors, asset managers, financial services groups and industry partners.

About the company

Hunit Limited (and its subsidiaries) is a privately held company, with operations across the UK, Norway and the United States. Our team members and contributors are located throughout Europe and North America.

How we do things better

Hunit’s embedded technology development partner, Revelry Labs, comprises of more than 60 senior developers with deep blockchain and financial industry experience, service provider to multiple Fortune 100 & 500 organizations.

Revelry Labs was founded by Gerard Ramos, Hunit’s CTO.

Our group of trusted advisors

Hunit works with businesses and enterprises of all sizes, providing user-friendly software that unlocks new opportunities for the growing private investment market and the legal professionals serving it.
We are affiliated with the following organisations:

Microsoft for Startups ScaleUp Accelerator

We are 1 of 13 companies selected from 1000+ pool for Microsoft’s ScaleUp accelerator program. This provides us with access to technical and commercial support for the MS Co-Sell program, with 13,500 MS enterprise sales teams representing the Hunit platform in target verticals.

Barclays Eagle Labs

We have been invited to a selective and dedicated eco-system in their legal innovation hub.

UK Trade & Investment Global Entrepreneur Program

We are 1 of 100 companies selected in 2020, providing us with support and introductions to key networks and stakeholders within the UK Government.

British Standards Institution

We were invited to a working group for the development of ISO standards for DLT-based smart contracts.

University of Birmingham, Lloyds Banking Group, Centre for Responsible Business

We are part of an on-going research program related to the development of best practices for the use of natively digital legal agreements, and distributed ledger technology, sponsored by the Lloyds Centre for Responsible Business.


Our team of experts.

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