Smart and Green: Digitalised investment can dial-up renewable energy adoption

renewable energy


In the eyes of many major investor groups today, renewable energy is a highly desirable investment class. It is critical to the decarbonization of the global economy and is on an upwards trajectory towards increased global usage, scaled-up levels of production, and lucrative pricing. Despite this, access to these investments is largely limited to a small subset of specialized players, influencing the types of projects that get developed and leaving pools of interested investors and their capital on the side-lines 

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Digitalisation of the Private Market

Key Market Enablers

We’re confident that blockchain-based electronic instruments represent a future pillar of the private market financial sector; offering massive operational efficiencies and enabling investment features in ways that are difficult or impossible to achieve in conventional paper-based instruments.

Our analysis found that there are still a number of blockers preventing this new asset class from fulfilling its potential. To achieve our mission of enabling a decentralized economy, we’ve built a platform that addresses these critical obstacles to market acceptance. Read More…

Private Market Structural Challenges


Transactional Friction and Liquidity

Prof. Aswath Damodaran, widely cited valuation expert from NYU’s Stern School of Business, makes the assertion that regardless of business type, private companies suffer from a 20-30% valuation discount due to the illiquidity of the private equities market. While this discount level generally applies to formal valuations (such as those determined when raising capital), owners of illiquid private securities often Read More…