Pricing and Sign-up

We believe in capturing value by creating it for our clients. Our fee structure is focused on low entry costs and action-based fees for when Hunit’s platform is actively creating or safeguarding value.
Specific fees vary by usage type and issuance volumes. Please contact us to receive a specialized quote tailored to your needs.

Fixed Fees

  • Annual fees for Service Providers to access platform
  • Annual fees for each issued smart contract program (which includes Issuer access to the Sentinel System™)

Activity-Based Fees

  • Sentinel System™ activity
  • Settlement platform use
  • KYC/AML verifications for newly onboarded investors (retail)
  • KYC/AML verifications for newly onboarded investors (corporate / institutional)
  • Investor account recovery / granting of legally-mandated access

Multi-Level Billing

Hunit’s fee structured is mirrored in multiple levels and gives our clients the ability to configure their own pricing structure for the services they provide based on our platform. Our billing system reports costs by smart contract program and gives our clients discretion in how they manage their customer relationships – what costs to absorb, what to pass through and what becomes profit centers.