Hunit - Smart Legal Contracts

What are Smart legal Contracts? (SLC)

Smart Legal Contracts (SLCs) are natively digital legal agreements with embedded counter-party neutral automation that executes operational tasks and enforces agreement terms.

SLCs are fully compliant with today’s regulatory and legal frameworks, making them a viable alternative to the increasingly out-of-step conventional analogue agreement. The Hunit tools are no-code, meaning an SLC can be written as an MS Word document using a simple plugin, so there is little change to the conventional drafting process.

The legal sector's digital future

The use of blockchain based Smart Legal Contracts (SLC) creates efficiencies inside of the management of relationships between counterparties. It also saves admin-hours for legal professionals, freeing up their time for advising and strategising.

Introduction to Smart Legal Contracts webinar series

Smart contracts and Smart Legal Contracts (SLCs) sound similar but are very different in practice, technology and use.

In this webinar series, Hunit’s CEO and co-founder explains what SLCs are, what they are not, and how they can be compliantly used in regulated legal services.

The full slide pack used for all of the below webinars can be downloaded here.

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Much of the material contained in this series is further addressed in Hunit’s practical exploration of compliant SLC use, published with the support of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice (via its Lawtech Delivery panel and LawtechUK Sandbox) and the United Kingdom’s Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Video 1: Foundational Concepts

Video 2: What are Smart Legal Contracts?

Video 3: Smart Legal Contract Use in Regulated Client Services

Video 4: Potential Impacts of Smart Legal Contract Use

Authoring and Managing Smart Legal Contracts using Hunit's Platform

This series of videos (more underway!) shows how legal practitioners use Hunit’s toolset to create and manage powerful Smart Legal Contracts specifically tailored to the needs of their clients.

Video 1: Inserting embedded automation

How to insert Auto Covenants (embedded contract automation) using Hunit’s Auto Covenant Designer for Microsoft Word and combine them to perform complex tasks