Smart contracts will transform renewable energy financing

renewable energy


This post is the part of our new series called “Use Cases”, where we explore real, concrete and transformative applications of smart contract technology

In this article, we’ve examined renewable power generation – it’s exciting, growing rapidly, and critical to our planet’s future. But its also a specialized market that only a small number of investors can access directly and, when they do, it takes them decades to monetize the value that’s created in just the first couple of years of the project’s lifecycle. Smart contract technology has the ability to cut straight to the core of these structural challenges and provide this sector with a new set of possibilities.

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Thinking about issuing a digital private market investment?


What do you want to accomplish?

Digital investment instruments are flexible – they can be used to tokenize traditional asset classes such as equity or debt (bonds) or they can be built up of different features that combine into a novel instrument. So, the first step is to clearly conceive of what your business needs.

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