Legal Insights: Billing for legal services when time is no longer the measure of value

Legal billing


This article is part of Hunit’s Legal Insights series. We’re sharing some of the key learnings that we’ve gained from in-depth interviews with legal professionals across multiple international markets.

We’ve called our series of in-depth interviews with law firms and financial service providers our “listening tour”.  Using a standardized set of discussion questions, we set out to gather systematic insight on the legal professional’s day-to-day operations, their problems, their concerns and of course their understanding of DLT and smart contracts.

One of the listening tour’s key discussion points concerned billing methods in an environment when a lawyer’s ability to create value for the client is disassociated from the use of their time (billable hours). In an increasingly technology-enabled environment, what does the law firm of the future’s customer invoice look like? Read More…